Wedding and Portrait Photography by Andy Brooks – where did it all go?

‘Where has everything gone?’ some of you may wonder, or for those of you who have never been here, you may be wondering where everything is?  I recently decided to have a little revamp of the site  – to try and make it more user friendly, consolidate content and remove the annoyance of flash (so we are now fully iphone and ipad compatible).  I am gradually working on restoring some of the older content -portfolio and posts regarding wedding and child and family photography. All of the model and actor shoots I have been doing recently will be ported to a sister site, which is currently being held at here.


In the meantime, if you would like to see more of my work, discuss wedding or portrait shoots then please use the contact form here.

photos from a newborn baby photography session

photographs from 2010 vintage style weddings in London

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